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pancho's southwestern grille

4335 Massillon Road
Green, OH 44232
Phone: (330) 896-1991

About Us


                        Born Feleciano Chavez in Parral, Chihuahua Mexico, ‘Indio’ came to the US in 1979 not knowing any English and not possessing any culinary skills. Indio demonstrated that hard work and a commitment to high standards yields success. Starting as a dish washer for ‘Pancho’, he quickly learned the culinary skills he possesses today and moved up the ladder to become our head chef. Indio has served as head chef for Pancho’s Southwestern Grille since 1983.

                       While not receiving classical training at culinary school, Indio learned his trade from years of experience. He is a meticulous chef preparing each dish fresh daily to exacting standards. Indio’s adherence to the highest standards and consistent application of recipes and techniques has contributed greatly to Pancho’s success over the years; his contributions are greatly appreciated.

                       Indio’s is a true American success story. Immigrating to the US in 1979 he worked hard and became a successful chef, met and married an American girl and raised two boys. Indio and his wife put the boys through college and they, too, are now successful in their lives.

chicken mixed with vegetables
2 tacos with lettuce, tomato, onions and cheese
beer bottles with lime
ears of corn
big pots of rice, meat and vegetables

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Pancho's Southwestern Grille

4335 Massillon Road
Green, OH 44232
Tel: 330-896-1991
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